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          Industry news

          Our excellent product:YOOKAIRE

          Our excellent product:YOOKAIRE(圖1)

          Question: Is YOOKAIRE a high-end product?

          A: YOOKAIRE is the middle and upstream product of the company. It has good product reputation and is deeply loved by users

          Where is the official website of  YOOKAIRE and who is its parent company?

          A: the parent company of  YOOKAIRE is an independent brand of Guangzhou uke Trading Co., Ltd., with the official website (domestic) https://www.ukeqp.com and (International) http://www.baby48.com.

          Q: How can  YOOKAIRE identify genuine products?

          A: there will be unique QR code on the product packaging box of yookaire, and there will be  YOOKAIRE printed by infrared laser around it

          Our excellent product:YOOKAIRE(圖2)

          Contact Us

          Contact: UKE

          Phone: 0086-02-29896052

          Tel: +86-139-980-29992

          E-mail: jackuke@163.com

          Add: 7 Sajing East Road,Yongxing Village,Taihe Town,Baiyun District Guangzhou