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          Industry news

          Our excellent product: POKESS

          Our excellent product: POKESS(圖1)

          Q: how about the parts of the  Ford?

          A: Pokess brand has a major feature of price advantage, with durable quality, which is deeply loved by customers.

          Q: where is the website of Pokess Ford Auto parts?

          A: pokess is an independent brand of Guangzhou UKE Trade Co., Ltd. the website of Guangzhou UKE Trade Co., Ltd. is https://www.ukeqp.com

          Q: where to buy the ball head in the direction of pokess?

          A: the ball head of Pokess direction can click on the online shopping mall in the navigation bar of the official website of Guangzhou UKE Trading Co., Ltd. to place an order, or contact the official website 400 (4008-304-668)

          Q: how to select and distinguish Ford Auto parts? Is there any recommendation?

          A: there are many brands of Ford Auto parts to choose from, but it is more recommended to choose the independent brand of Unocal. You can distinguish whether there are words like Pokess o MeiXi around the. For the recommended products, you can contact (020) 87630130 or contact wechat of customer service in the online mall in the navigation bar of the official website.

          Our excellent product: POKESS(圖2)

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